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From:;  Alice Luetger;  <>>

Date: April 8, 2013, 9:56:07 AM CDT


Subject: Thank you Janina and Staff!


I just wanted to thank you, Marge, and all your staff on Saturday night, for the great party you put together for my dad's 90th birthday. Everyone is raving about the room, tables, food, service, etc. It was the greatest event of all time!

Your staff was accomodating in every way and the evening went off without a hitch! The room was stunning and people couldn't stop commenting on how beautiful it looked.

I hope the music did not upset the customers too much, but many came to check it out so I think they liked it.

I hope to stop in some day and thank you, and Marge, personally. The bulk of the work ended up on you and your restaurant staff and everyone shined. Please pass my thanks onto them!

We'll have to start planning his 100th!!


Alice Luetger


On Jan 21, 2013, at 11:34 PM, Tom & Peggy Layman <> wrote: 

I think everyone had a fantastic time. I was happy to see the young folks get into the polka music. Everyone thought the food was great. I was glad we did the mushroom soup. The broth was tasty & the dumplings "made it". Even our daughter who doesn't like mushrooms ate it all & maybe ate a mushroom by mistake. I thought the bride's family might have found the Polish food new but her father has a German side & he brought up German dishes similar to what we had. The service was first rate and the room was perfect. A great time was had by all. 

This photo of our son, my sister Rita & myself is a few years old.    Tom Layman

Photo of Elliot B. Elliot B.

 Burbank, IL


As an avid collector of catholic memorabilia, I wanted to come to this restaurant after I read reviews that claimed that one of the chefs cooked for the grand Pope John Paul. After coming here, I can say with confidence that the food is holier than thou. When I came I found the decor beautifully hideous. Their water is very good, you can always tell how good a restaurant is by how cold and fresh the water is they serve. The ice cubes were not too big, and had a good proportion. I ordered the breakfast special and waited for about fifteen minutes. But I had my copy of Ice-T's memoir, so that kept me occupied. When the plates arrived I began shoveling food down like crazy. The sausage patties were very tangy and steamed just right. The eggs, being sunny side up, were decent but I happened to have a bottle of lemon pepper in my briefcase, so that help immensely.
My waiter, a short man with a limp, then brought me two plates of toast that I asked be burned on one side. I then covered the toast in their potato gravy and found heaven once again in their food.
The staff is very friendly, the atmosphere is suffocating, and the food is wonderful. I will be back soon for more of that simple yet complex breakfast special.

 Photo of Celina B.Celina B.

Lombard, IL  


jak siÄ™ masz?! GREAT! After I eat at Mabenka.
I am a proud polish girl and i love polish food!
My grandparents started taking me here when I was younger and I still love it to this day. It's closer to my grandparents though so if they go without me, they still bring me food!
They have this soup there. It's pink. You may know it as hot borscht, but I know it as pink soup. It's my FAVORITE! I also go there for their golumpki too. Which if you don't know, is cabbage rolls.
The last time I went here with my gramma I got so much food I was in a total food coma. But thats because they offer you soup or salad, and lots of sides! And it's all very reasonably priced.
The women that work there are always super nice and always remember my grandparents. They're also very forgiving when you pronounce things incorrectly. My polish would be terrible if it weren't for them.
I know that they also have a room for parties and I'm confused as to why I have not yet had a party there yet! Vodka and dumplings?! Hell. Yes.

I have no complaints about this place at all. Love it!